Pantera – Mastering The Art of Movement

Posted On: August 4, 2011

Robin Coltez (Rocabye) sat down with Pantera (Gersham Tenant) his friend and Capoeira teacher at his home in Woodbridge and conducted his first interview for Fat Laces on November 17, 2009.

Pantera takes us on a journey from his early years as a student of the Martial Arts which influenced him during his breaking days as a crew member of Toronto’s Break Masters which also included members, King Lou and Capital Q, known to Canada and internationally as the Dream Warriors.

We’re given by Pantera an intriguing insight on Toronto’s early 1980’s breaking scene, and as a practitioner of both, Pantera gives us  his views regarding the ties between the evolving styles and art of Capoeira and Breaking.

As a long time Martial Artist of four disciplines, an 80’s Street Dancer, a fitness instructor as well as being an exceptional Artist…. Pantera is truly Mastering The Art of Movement.

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