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Posted On: January 31, 2011


The Canadian Floor Masters were founded by Buddha and Kid Quick in 1983 and are Canada’s oldest Breaking Crew celebrating 28 years of history. They are best described as a power crew based on fast floor moves and acrobatics.

Fat Laces had the pleasure in sitting down with Stephen Leafloor aka Buddha at his home in Kanata Ottawa Ontario in April 2010. This interview details the life of a Canadian Bboy from the early days of an emerging Hip Hop culture that became a global phenomenon… to the future vision of a crew that has already influenced Bboys and Bgirls the world over and has earned them the place in Canadian history as one of Canada’s premiere Street Dance Crew.


Original CFM core members included:
Buddha (Steve Leafloor), KidQuick (Wayne Lacasse), TrickyT (Trevor Walker),
Coach (Matt Sparks), Dexter (Chris Albrey), BeatStreet (Rob Giroux).


Other members who were part of the crew for shorter periods of time include:
Steve Jensen, Sheldon Thomas (Ice-Teak) , Lil Wayne, Moose, and Wayne Barrow.

Current Works

Currently Buddha leads a team of some of Canada’s top Street Dancers and HipHop artist in a company known as
Blue Print For Life.


Stephen Leafloor has a Masters in Social Work (MSW degree) and over 25 years experience as a social worker in the areas of probation, wilderness programs, street work with youth at risk, residential group homes, child protection and community outreach. Stephen has also been an active participant in the HipHop culture as a dancer since 1982 and completed his master’s thesis on this culture and its importance for educators and social workers in 1986.

BluePrintForLife is considered one of the worlds leading companies utilizing HipHop as both a Community development tool and as a model for alternative education.

BluePrintForLife offers dynamic, culturally appropriate programs designed for First Nations and Inuit youth that are founded on HipHop, rooted in traditional culture, and centered around community needs.

Check Out www.BluePrintForLife.ca for more info on this innovative company


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