BaddXample – Tearin It Up

Posted On: November 24, 2013


August 18, 2013 Robin (Rocabye) Coltez sat down with 2 of his Freestyle Dance mentors Dennis (Reality) John-Baptiste and Dwight (Triple O.O.O) Virgo of the BaddXample Crew. FatLaces was also blessed to have Ski a part of this day of straight talk about T.O.’s vibrant HipHip & House scene in the early to late 1990’s.

When you saw these guys walk into a club in the early 90’s… By presence only you knew you were in for an unbelievable night of dance. BaddXample! The perfect example of what freestyle dancing is all about. A crew with an original core of 4 dancers Triple O.O.O.(aka Actuality/Dred), Reality, Black Thunder & Rhythm that grew to approximately 10 dancers any given night. Every dancer adding to an eclectic mix of styles that blended Breaking, Popping, Martial Arts, Tap influence and anything in between that allowed each freestyler to represent themselves fully.

Those who witnessed BaddXample… saw a crew influence the HipHop and House Dance scene of whatever city they stepped foot in.  BaddXample a Mississauga/Burlington based crew represented throughout Canada and the United States battling Toronto’s Maestro Fresh Wes’s dancers Frankie & Derrick, cats from the famed Soul Train, Dancers from the Brat all while
gaining respect from Toronto Bboy crews such as Intrikit & Bag of Trix, Toronto’s K-OS and Vancouver’s own “Rascalz”… just to name a few.

This is the FatLaces story of “BaddXample – Tearin It Up”