L-Rock :: Floor Styles (Gymnastics to Breaking)

Posted On: September 6, 2011



L-Rock :: Floor Styles

Gymnastics to Breaking

A Fresh Kicks  Q&A Interview
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Nicole Prosser, a former 2 time Provincial gymnastic champion has always been intrigued with Hip Hop and it’s dances. Armed with her discipline from her training, she took up the challenge to tackle the physical art of Breaking. With the essence of Hip Hop instilled in her at a young age Nicole transforms herself from gymnast to Bgirl L-Rock.

Here is her Fat Laces Fresh Kicks story.


FatLaces: Where are you from?
L-Rock: Oshawa Ontario Canada

FatLaces: When did you start gymnastics and how long have you been an active Gymnast?
L-Rock: At the age of 5 and retired at the age of 18. 13 years in total

FatLaces: What styles of dance has been apart of your gymnastics career?
L-Rock: Jazz and ballet

FatLaces: When & how did you start Breaking and House dancing?
L-Rock: January 2008. I have always had an interest in hip hop dance growing up but I never had the opportunity. When my gymnastics career started to slow down, I looked into hip hop. A friend Chad, suggest Rhythm Dynamix Dance Studio. I went one night to check out the hip hop classes and met Robin Coltez, who convinced me to join break dance as well.

FatLaces: What attracted you to the street dance culture?
L-Rock: My older brother was into hip hop, so from a very young age I had always been attracted to the hip hop culture. The music, the dance, and the graffiti drew me in, and I took to it.

FatLaces: What or how does your gymnastics experience influence your dance style or mentality?
L-Rock: I believe my gymnastics background helps in many aspects of my dance style. Whether it be strength, ability to trick, how quick I pick up moves, or the self obedience to push myself when I know I should or to take a break when I should.

FatLaces: What is the driving force that inspires you to dance?
L-Rock: I just love to dance and I always have. Even those 13 years I spent doing gymnastics, I always had the passion to dance. It’s so free, I can express myself, and there is no specific style; no one can tell me whether I am doing it right or not, I do what is right for me and it works.

FatLaces: Who are your influences from the realm of dance that inspires you to be the dancer you are?
L-Rock: Michael Jackson, Missy Elliott, Usher, Chris Brown, Shane Sparks, Jabbawokeez, Quest Crew, Beat Freaks, Kappa Modern, Bradley “Shooz” Rapier, and Robin “Rocabye” Coltez.

FatLaces: What music genre feeds your soul that takes you over and makes you want to throw down?
L-Rock: Old school hip hop, and some version of new school hip hop. As long as it has a sick beat I’m down.

FatLaces: What memorable moments have you had as Gymnast and or dancer?
L-Rock: As a gymnast, winning provincial championships in 2001 and in 2003. Travelling with team Ontario to P.E.I. in 2005 as well as Texas in 2007. As a dancer, my second dance competition/convention at Extreme in 2009.

FatLaces: What are your career goals or future plans as a dancer?
L-Rock: My plans were and are to go to school and become a graphic designer. But opportunities have arisen and along with my degree in graphic design I would like to further pursue my career as a dancer with a crew and travel doing shows and music videos.

FatLaces: Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring young dancers?
L-Rock: Chase the dream, not the competition. Take everything you see and everything you want and just absorb it all in and go for it. Give it all, and NEVER hold back, no matter how scared you feel, how dumb you feel, or how nervous you are. Take all that energy and use it to your advantage to make your dancing who you are.


As of 2011 L-Rock has studied one year of Art at Sheridan College as well as joined The HardNox Skoolerz.  She is also a competitive gymnastic coach at Stars Fitness and Gymnastics.